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Preparing a property for sale/rent

The appearance of a property has a critical effect on the price, it can reach several tens of thousands of NIS in case of sale or several months that the apartment will not be rented (and every day that the apartment is vacant, it is a net loss!).

A properly designed property, an organized and orderly property, a property designed in a positive atmosphere, can increase its price by several tens of thousands of NIS in the sale price, or it will be possible to rent it easily and quickly.

To sell/rent a property at an optimal price, its appearance potential must be maximized in several ways:

  • Adapting the property to the needs of the population of potential buyers/tenants following a field study to be carried out (whether the apartment is suitable for students, elderly population, families and more)
  • Cleaning and arranging the property so that it looks at its best (this could be a rearrangement of the objects in the apartment for example)
  • Design the property to look attractive at minimal cost (adding pictures, lighting fixtures, curtains, rugs and more)
  • Required repairs (missing shutter window, peeling paint in a certain area, leaks and more)

This service will include, among others:

  • Coordination and selection of a professional in collaboration with the client if repairs are required
  • Choosing design accessories at minimal cost for the property
  • Coordination and selection of a cleaning company
  • Capturing a video of “before and after” which will be sent to the customer

All of the above will be done in collaboration with an interior designer with rich knowledge and experience in the field.

All changes will be made after the customer agrees to the changes and costs.

If a professional is required to perform the above services, he will sign an agreement with the list of changes and costs required, a copy of the agreement will be forwarded to the client.

Why choose us?

THINK REAL has the knowledge, experience, and ability to maximize the potential of the property, thus raising the price of the property by tens of thousands of NIS in case of sale or speeding up the process of finding tenants in case of rent.

It is very important to remember: changes at a minimum cost can increase the value of the property’s sale price by several tens of thousands of NIS!