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About Lior Hass

In 2010, Lior Hass made his first real estate deal.With almost no equity, experience, or knowledge, he managed to earn a good sum of 6 digits from it, in less than two years.

After several successful transactions, Lior understood the principle: to achieve financial freedom, you do not need too much equity, you do not need to be a true entrepreneur, and you do not need special talent, you only need to know where to look.

He now owns properties in Israel and around the world, which allowed him to resign from his job after 20 years in high-tech and fulfill his dream – to help more people build themselves a monthly passive income, financial security, and a guaranteed future.

Lior Hass, founder, and owner of THINK REAL, who holds a bachelor’s degree in Statistics from the University of Haifa and a master’s degree in Business Administration from University of Beer Sheva, began his professional path in the high-tech world.

In 2009 after completing a real estate investment course, he began his career as an investor and entrepreneur in the real estate field.

In early 2020 he decided to establish THINK REAL to help to improve the financial quality of life of as many people as possible, by building passive income, creating economic freedom, and reducing dependence on one source of income.


Our company specializes in providing comprehensive solutions in the field of real estate

Asset 1

Finding an
investment property

In finding an investment property there are many parameters to consider, such as the investment area (it is very important to have a developing area, with many and varied workplaces, to have educational institutions, hospitals, infrastructure and more), to have a demand for rent, to be on a relevant floor and more.

Rental of the Property

Finding tenants for a property is a very critical subject. You do not want, God forbid, someone to live and demolish the property you just paid for several hundred thousand NIS. You want the person who will put people in your property, to know how to perform the correct screening and more

Preparing a property for sale/rent

The appearance of a property has a critical effect on the price, it can reach several tens of thousands of NIS in case of sale or several months that the apartment will not be rented A properly designed property, an organized and orderly property, a property designed in a positive atmosphere, can increase its price by several tens

Asset 4

Renovation of the property

Renovating a property has great significance, renovating a residential property is different from renovating an investment property and the amounts you will invest will also be different.

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Property management

As a property owner, and to have a quiet and calm mind, you must have the management of the hard-earned property you purchased by someone you can trust

Sale of the property

Selling a property is an art, you need to know how to do it, you need to know how to negotiate, you need to know when to apply pressure and when not, it is not enough to put a sign on the balcony

The work processes

Our unique method allows us to select the best properties, locate the most suitable tenants, and manage the properties in the most efficient way for each client.


Locating, Financing, And Purchasing The Property

Defining the investment budget, accompanying in obtaining a mortgage, and locating a property that is tailored to the individual needs of each client.

Our goal is to find a property that will maximize your return on equity, provide a rental that will cover your mortgage repayment, and leave you with a monthly passive income, every month.


Renovation And Improvement

Maximum appearance at a minimum cost – The appearance of the property has a decisive effect on the speed of finding tenants and the height of the rent. Good lighting, proper fitting, and inviting appearance can raise hundreds of percent in return on the sale or rental of the property.

We know exactly what needs to be renovated in any property in the most cost-effective way to get the best results – in rent or sale.


Rental, Management, And Maintenance

The rental process is critical and not a simple part of owning an investment property. It is important to make sure that the property you have just invested hundreds of thousands of NIS in will be in the hands of trustworthy tenants.
And it requires a lot of work – performing effective screening, background checks, and a face-to-face conversation with potential tenants.

THINK REAL takes care of the rental process, signing a contract, transferring all the bills in the name of the tenants, regular maintenance, and visits to the property once in a while, response to faults and problems, and more. All the headache – on us!

Creating additional sources of income for people who have worked all their lives, creating economic well-being, financial security, and improving the quality of life.

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Our properties undergo strict quality inspections and are individually tailored to the budget and needs of each client.

Important things to know


My recommendation in buying an investment property is to put the minimum required equity (and the rest by a mortgage), thus maximizing the return on the investment (so-called leverage).

If, for example, I have NIS 400,000 for the purchase of an investment property, I would buy two properties worth NIS 400,000 instead of one property, when I would take the remaining NIS 200,000 for each apartment as a loan. In this way, I also spread the risk (if there is no tenant in one apartment, then I can cover the mortgage of the empty apartment, from the income of the other apartment), I also increased the return on equity, and I also own two properties that will increase in price over the years.

The appearance of an asset, especially an asset that is up for sale can definitely affect the sale price. A minimal design that will include the addition of lighting fixtures, pictures, carpet, curtain, costing up to 2000 NIS can add to the sale price several tens of thousands of NIS.

Even in an apartment that is for rent, the right design that will create a positive atmosphere with the right organization of the apartment can lead to its renting much faster.

Question: Why is it very important to get help from someone with real estate experience, instead of buying an investment property on your own?

Answer: To make a real estate investment transaction for a successful and profitable investment, many parameters must be considered.

For example, choosing the area, has a big impact on the ability to find tenants in a short time and in the rent amount you expect.

For example, when choosing an investment property, you need to know what type of property to choose, for what population to designate it, and in what location to produce a maximum return.

For example, when choosing tenants for the property, you must know what screening to do, you must know what to check.

For example, knowing the rules of the game, and the players must know the tax laws, how to finance the deal, the market, prices, and more.

Therefore, to maximize your equity, and ensure a long-term profitable investment property with the potential for maximum value increase, you must get the help of someone who has the knowledge, experience and has already made several dozen transactions to reach the Promised Land.

It depends if there is already one property registered in your name, if any, then the maximum mortgage you can get is up to 50% of the value of the property or the bank’s appraisal assessment value, whichever is lower.

If there is no property registered in your name, you can receive up to 75% of the value of the property or the bank’s appraisal assessment value, whichever is lower.

By the way, there is also the possibility of taking 75%, even for those who have a property registered in their name.

Leverage is the use of money taken as a loan beyond your equity, for financing investment, thus increasing the potential return.

The smart and right way to invest in real estate is through leveraging your equity, which means not paying the entire cost of the property from the equity you have but only supplementing the equity amount to the maximum loan/mortgage amount you can get.

I will give an example to a case that an investment property costs NIS 400,000 (yes there are such assets!)

:So, the right way to purchase it as an investment is

If there is no property registered in your name, then NIS 100,000 equity and NIS 300,000 loan.

If there is a property registered in your name, then NIS 200,000 equity and NIS 200,000 loan.

Using leverage allows you to not only purchase a property with money that is not yours but also increase the return on equity!

Below is a comprehensive breakdown of all the costs involved in purchasing an investment property, to see the full picture

  • Purchase tax – if it is the first apartment there is an exemption up to NIS 1,744,505, If it is not the first apartment then the tax will be 8% of the cost of the property
  • Brokerage cost – A broker will usually charge 2% plus VAT from the cost of the property
  • Attorney's fee – will usually be 0.5% plus VAT from the cost of the property
  • The cost of taking a mortgage at the bank – will usually be 0.25% of the loan amount
  • Bank appraiser – between NIS 350 and NIS 620, depending on the cost of the apartment
  • Renovation – very much depends on the condition of the property, usually, if the apartment is not in a catastrophic condition, 50,000 NIS will be more than enough for a thorough renovation of the property (renovation that will include pipe replacement, toilet, shower, flooring, paint, kitchen cabinet, and marble)