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Rental of the Property

Finding tenants for a property is a very critical subject. You do not want, God forbid, someone to live and demolish the property you just paid for several hundred thousand NIS.

You want the person who will put people in your property, to know how to perform the correct screening, know how to perform the appropriate background checks, talk to the right people, and more.

Therefore, it is critical that whoever does this, will have rich experience in renting properties, someone who has done this many times in the past and know how to handle the problematic cases (which we hope will not arise) in the best way!!!

This service will include, among others:

  • Finding suitable tenant/tenants
  • Meeting of potential tenants (you can learn a lot about people when you talk to them)
  • Checking the tenants' background (checking pay slips, talking to previous owners)
  • Coordinate the date of entry into the property
  • Sign the tenants on the lease contract
  • Making sure that the tenants transferred the electricity, water and property tax bills in their names

Why choose us? 

THINK REAL has years of experience in locating and interviewing potential tenants, which includes questionnaires, background checks, and recommendations. We will make sure that the most suitable tenants will rent your property.