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Sale of the property

Selling a property is an art, you need to know how to do it, you need to know how to negotiate, you need to know when to apply pressure and when not, it is not enough to put a sign on the balcony (at best for those who have the power to bother) and post an ad in Yad2.

In order not to lose money (which can reach several tens of thousands of NIS) in the sale price, and to maximize the price of the property, the sales task should be given to someone who specializes in the subject, with extensive knowledge and experience in the field, with extensive experience in sales transactions he has performed.

This service will include, among others:

  • Take photos and video, which will show the property at its best
  • Marketing the apartment both by hanging a sign on the property and by advertising on websites
  • Uploading the photos and video for marketing on websites
  • Consultation on the price of the property to be advertised (which requires research and examination of properties with similar characteristics that were sold on the street) as well as the calculation of the amount of a negotiation coefficient to be added
  • Presentation of the property at flexible hours to any potential buyer
  • Negotiate with potential buyers on the price of the property
  • Accompanying the customer in signing a sales contract


Reporting on the number of interested parties, quotations received, progress in negotiations and more will be forwarded to the customer once every few days.

A sales agreement will be signed only after the customer approves the final amount.
Why choose us?

THINK REAL allows you to sell the property, and profit from it! We will deal with the pricing of the property, advertising the property, presenting the property to those interested, negotiating until the signing.