Our Services

Property management

As a property owner, and to have a quiet and calm mind, you must have the management of the hard-earned property you purchased by someone you can trust, someone who will take care of the property, someone who will employ the proper professionals every time something breaks down, someone who will minimize the days that the property is vacant and does not generate income, and not to bother you with trifles.

So, all that will be left for you, in the end, is to make sure that the rental money goes into your bank account every month!!!

This service will include, among others:

  • Finding worthy tenants
  • Collection of the monthly rent and its transfer to the property owner
  • Dealing with ongoing maintenance (leaks, repairs and more)
  • Dealing with tenants by legal means when necessary

Why choose us? 

THINK REAL saves you from tenant harassments, phone calls in the middle of the night, dealing with maintenance problems, and routine care. We will make sure that the money goes into your bank account every month without a headache.