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Renovation of the property

Renovating a property has great significance, renovating a residential property is different from renovating an investment property and the amounts you will invest will also be different.

It is also very important to know what to renovate inside the property. In a rental property, the most important parameter is maximum appearance and minimum cost.

Therefore, it is very important that whoever is planning the renovation, and whoever chooses the professional, will have rich experience in the field, someone who has already made quite a few renovations in his life.

This service will include, among others:

  • Finding a suitable professional (with a minimum of two price offers)
  • Summary of the cost of work with the professional, and updating the client
  • Signing a work agreement with the professional
  • Monitor the renovation and pre-agreed schedules
  • Transfer the payment to the professional, only after performing all the tasks in the employment agreement
  • Take a video of the property after the renovation

Why choose us? 

THINK REAL saves you the headache and hassle of finding and managing professionals, monitoring the course of work and schedules, and checking the quality of work. We do everything for you.